The Functional Approach to Databases

Workshop at Birkbeck College, London JULY 10-11 (following BNCOD)

Organisers: Peter Gray, Larry Kerschberg, Peter King

Workshop Aims

Outline Timetable



Please email to kraftsec (see below) a title (and preferably short abstract) of your talk for Thursday 10th (see timetable). So far we have:


In order to prepare for this we want you to enter POSITION STATEMENTS for discussion of future directions. First versions of these should be in place at least two weeks before the workshop to allow email discussion and refinement. Please email free text (or better still URL to a web page of your own) to

(copy to pgray@...) Please use one of the headings given below (preferably just paste it in front) unless you want to start a new theme.

This will also allow input from those who can't make the workshop but have agreed to contribute. This is an important part of the workshop, and is very necessary if we are to have a focussed discussion leading to an agreed joint statement in a relatively short time.