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A project for "Automatically Generating Advisory Text for Road Maintenance Vehicle Routing" jointly funded by EPSRC and Aerospace & Marine International

During the winter months local Scottish councils have the difficult task of keeping both minor and major roads in their region safe and clear of snow. Making effective use of road maintenance vehicles relies upon their efficient routing and the correct application of salt and grit to the roads. Road maintenance vehicle routing is based on detailed weather and road surface temperature predictions generated by complex weather computer simulation models.

RoadSafe is a collaborative project between the Computing Science Department at Aberdeen University and Aerospace & Marine International. The RoadSafe project aims to build upon the expertise Aerospace & Marine International has in weather forecasting and the expertise the Computing Science Department at Aberdeen University has in building real world Natural Language Generation Systems.

The RoadSafe project will:-

The main objective of the project is to use the advisory texts produced by RoadSafe as a guide to local councils for grit and salting applications during the winter.


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